My favorite poem by Robert Frost ends with these well-known lines:

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."
I am convinced that much can be done to improve our world, by every single one of us. So this blog will report on positive news, and people or organisations who are making a difference. I invite you to join me on the road less traveled!

Redesign Our World

March 31st, 2010

The Forum of Young Global Leaders is a community of exceptional young leaders who share a commitment to improve the state of the world. Each year the World Economic Forum identifies 200-300 extraordinary individuals, drawn from every region of the world. They engage in task forces that address specific challenges of public interest with the objective of shaping a better future.

The YGL forum runs an interesting website where they publish their ideas, and more importantly anybody (that includes you!) can submit ideas. What are you waiting for?

Some additional resources:

Everybody’s Free

January 29th, 2010

It seems only right to write my first post about this great inspirational song that has been with us for 10 years now. Ki’une made an amazing tribute video which is an awesome companion for the song. He wants to make the world a better place by teaching us to be better dancers. This is a perfect example of someone who is making a positive difference with a simple, yet powerful mission. Check out his YouTube channel if you want to improve your dancing as well!

I found out about Ki’une through the blog of Tim Ferriss (you know – 4HWW), which is another great place to get inspiration on how to live your life differently.

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